The secret to pick suitable social media platforms for your business

Nowadays it’s well known that online presence for your business is crucial and that you can’t enter or expand in the market without being on social media platforms. But more is not always better. You want to be thoughtful and strategic when it comes to choose which social media platform suits your business well. You must create interesting relevant content that attracts your customers on intended social media platforms.

Here you are the steps to help you choose the right social media platform for your business.

  1. Define your business goals:

You must know well your goals and when do you want to achieve them. Setting your online marketing strategy must include the social networks you’ll occupy.

So how can you get closer to choosing your most suitable platform?

  • Identify your audience:

Market research can provide you with the behavior of your target audience and their presence on social media platforms. You can also know more about your prospect customers from your competitors.

  • Find your competitors:

You can deeply find out your competitors and their tactics through a detailed market research that highlights the competitive landscape, influencers and brand ambassadors. You also must know where your competitors are on social media because that’s where you can find potential customers.

  • Understand the usage of each social media platform:

Quality outweighs quantity, so you need to recognize the benefits of each platform in relation to your business to make the right decision in picking your winning platforms.

Facebook: is the best platform for community-building and enhancing loyalty with your customers through a combination of visual and written content.

Twitter: is used to provide latest real updates and you can engage in conversations by using the most trendy hashtags.

Instagram: has the majority of female users so it works well for visual based businesses, like art, food, retail, and beauty. If you decide to be on Instagram you have to make outstanding visuals.


Video content is perfect for medical business, manufacturing industries. Businesses that offer DIY videos, tutorials, beauty prescriptions and educational information with title “How to”

LinkedIn: is quite different and unique because it has a narrow focus of target audience. 
It’s very useful for B2B lead generation and general networking.
If you want social media to work right then let us know your goals then understand audiences’ behavior and how they use social networks.
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