How patients search for your medical clinic?

Healthcare industry has witnessed a massive change recently. The medical field is highly competitive for you as a doctor to establish your name and business. So have you ever considered marketing tactics that help you know how your patients find you?

There’re many ways that help you understand your audience behavior better which make you aware of their choices.

One of the best ways to learn more about your audience is the surveys. They provide you fair answers from a variety of groups.

How patients search for your medical clinic?
What makes them choose you?

Based on our latest focus group with the patients who visit clinics almost continuously in Egypt, we got some results that influence physician selection factors. The following results aim to identify the factors that contribute to patient’s choices of a clinic and the importance of each factor.

What matters to the consumer when choosing a doctor?

  • 476 voting to reputation.
  • 280 voting to clinic system.
  • 244 voting to clinic cleanliness.

So the majority of people vote for the reputation. How can you build a reputation that prompts patients to choose you over your competitors?
Of course you know being professional and honest in your field is the first key to build a respected reputation. Then the word of mouth comes to support you. But you need to cope with today’s patients’ behavior and know that they find you through online search. So having a strong online presence with positive reviews plays a major role in making you the first choice for your patients.

You find people who care a lot about the clinic system.
You can take advantage of this point and improve your system by making it easier.
For example: make online booking available, provide your exact locations on maps, publish content that’s useful, have your own website, consider SEO attributes, receive reviews and feedbacks and get engaging social media strategy.

Cleanliness and hygiene is safe to both you and your patients.

Do you go to the doctor in the same residential area or farther?

  • 630 voting to the far area.
  • 280 voting to the same area.
  • 90 voting to case and specialty.

The majority of the votes go for the far area. This means that wherever you are as long as you’ve well reputation your patients will find you.

The competitive nature of the health market and the different factors that contribute towards patient’s choices of your clinic must be considered in the planning and decision making of your medical project.

Also don’t forget the patients will search for you online before paying you a visit in the clinic or hospital. Build your personal brand and enhance your online reputation by contacting us +201030333342

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