Brand Attack Solving

X Resort is a luxury resort located in North-Coast Egypt.
The resort has been in operation for over 20 years and has a reputation for providing excellent service and amenities. However, in recent months, the resort has been the target of a negative online campaign.
The campaign has been orchestrated by a group of disgruntled guests who have accused the resort of poor service and cleanliness.

Brand Attack

The negative online campaign has had a significant impact on X Resort’s reputation.
The resort has seen a decline in bookings and inquiries.
In addition, the campaign has damaged the resort’s brand image and made it difficult to attract new customers.

Steepx Marketing Agency

Steepx Marketing Agency was hired by X Resort to help address the negative online campaign.
Steepx developed a comprehensive strategy to address the issue, which included:

  • Identifying the key influencers behind the campaign
  • Developing a plan to engage with these influencers and counter their negative messages
  • Creating positive content about X Resort and its services
  • Promoting this content through social media and other channels


Steepx’s strategy was successful in addressing the negative online campaign.
The number of negative reviews and posts about X Resort declined significantly.
In addition, the resort saw an increase in bookings and inquiries.


The case study of Steepx Marketing Agency’s work with X Resort demonstrates the importance of having a strong crisis management plan in place.
When a brand is attacked online, it is important to act quickly and decisively to address the issue.
By developing a comprehensive strategy and engaging with the key influencers, Steepx was able to successfully mitigate the damage caused by the negative online campaign and restore Olympia Resort’s reputation.