Why should you use Pay per Click (ppc) Ads for your industry?

In a Parallel way for the SEO or organic search tactics we will find the marketers in need to use the Pay Per Click Ads (ppc) as another part of the SEM Pay Per Click Ads (ppc) can be called search engine advertising or sponsored listings and it is the best choice for you if you are looking for quick realization for your online presence, website traffic increases, lead generation, sales, phone calls.


How Pay per Click (ppc) Ads works?

If you are asking about how it works simply your ad can appear on Google search engines or partner sites and you will start to pay a charge on your ad when your ad appears to your targeted audience as a result of what they are searching for and then for their conversion to your website or landing page

Also you will pay for each time your ad get clicked, but there is a variation can happens and make the amount you can pay changes and this happens based on how your competitors bid for the same ad placement. and this called Auction Process

Auction process in Google ads can be controlled with 3 Factors:

  1. Your bid : you determine your bid by telling Google ads about the maximum amount you're willing to pay for every single click on your ad and it’s controllable to be changed at any time


  1. The quality of your ads : Google is always looking for the utility of his user and keeps an eye on your ad and gives you score on how your ad is really helpful for his users so your ad quality score can be summarized in


  1. The expected impact from your ad extensions and other ad formats: This is a service from Google ads that helps you to add extensions to your ad like (call extensions, location and more links to specific pages on your site.


As we mentioned previously that using Pay per Click Ads (ppc) or Google ads means that your ad will show on one of both of Google ads network:

- Google search network.

- Google display network.

So what are the types of PPC Ads for each that you can use for your ads?

Google Search Ads: Your ads appear at the top and bottom of the search results on Google and you will see your ad tagged with the word “ad” as an indicator for a paid content and it’s the most common types of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and about search results it can include Google Search, Google Shopping, Google Maps and its various search partners.

Google Display Ads: The ads which include a photo, text or a banner. They covers any website that partners with Google, and other Google sites such as Gmail and YouTube

As a supplementation for mentioned above here are some benefits you can gain when you use Pay per Click Ads (ppc):

  1. Assistingly with SEO,,, pay per click ads enables you get a quick results and control your impression share and ranking.

  2. By using pay per click ads you can choose to appear to your definitely specifically targeted audience.
  3. With PPC Ads you can pay only for the keywords your audience needs and the service they are searching for by using keyword planner tool which is brought to you from Google ads and help you in picking your specific keywords related to your ad.
  4. Control your budget in a daily or monthly basis in order not to exceed your allocated spend.
  5. You can measure your ads results and then edit your ad to improve its impact and find out how many people saw your ad, clicks percentages and sales results.
  6. Stop your ad and restart again.
  7. Know whom your competitors are in a closer and a real way as they will always try to compete with you in the auction process.
  8. Pay per click ads helps you in controlling your appearance by the keywords that you don`t like to appear with, which don`t relate to your industry and this key is called Negative Keywords

simply you have to do nothing except labeling and determining the keywords that you don`t need in your ad and which they are far from your industry and don`t need to be linked with your ad and tell Google about them, and thus you can help your ad to be more specific, direct and closer to your target audience.


at the end we will find that ads have many tactics and details that you have to try it by yourself and then determine which is more relevant to your industry but…

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