Privacy on the Top of E-Mail Marketing Trends in 2021

Email marketing is one of the basic branches of digital marketing that works side by side to achieve your marketing goals to reach success and helps you to inform the customer of your brand from more than one side.

And since the success of your e-mail marketing campaign depends on your study a comprehensive study of your target audience

We have gathered for you the most important trends for 2021 that will facilitate your work


1- Your Customers Privacy Extremely Count

The importance of privacy continues to rise more and more.

Since the number of users who trust brands is extremely limited so one of the most important procedures that must be taken into account in email marketing in 2021 is:

adding a layer of consent for your customer which gives an advantage in two directions, the first is the customer’s confidence in you and the other is your knowledge of the customers interacting with you and trusting you because they allow you to use their data In exchange for giving them something in return

and keep the unsubscribe tab to those who do not need what you offer so it makes you concentrate more on your targeted audience and how to improve your service to appropriate them.


2- It’s the Artificial intelligence Time for a Successful Campaign

It’s the most appropriate time to know how to use Artificial Intelligence to optimize your email marketing campaigns effectively. 

Artificial intelligence abilities are taking up as it could be more and more efficient than humans in many duties as an example ” List segmentation, content analysis, and effective outreach “are some of the tasks that could be done by the artificial intelligence.

All of this besides:

- Forecast subscriber actions.

- Sifting through millions of data points to predict trends.

- Identifying correlations.

- Suggesting what you need to do to engage customers.

- Even Google uses a machine learning which impedes about 1 spam e-mail per 10 users or equivalent to 100 million spam messages


3- Interactive Content is great gate for you

interactive content is the most important trend in 2021, it makes your customers looking for to use your service and increase customer engagement

Take a look at the most predictive ideas for the interactive e-mails in 2021 that will help you: -

- Call To Actions and animated buttons

- Rollover effects to highlight offering of products

- User managed, interactive images and product carousels

- Control the long-form emails to be more compact

- Users-generated materials like surveys, polls


4- Let the Catchy storytelling lead your e-mail marketing campaign.

Everyone loves storytelling especially if it was about your brand like your success story this is an effective way which makes your audience closer to your brand and concentrates less about the sales Or it replaces the direct sales with a series of e-mails contains (videos, audio casts, PDFs or website pages) through your e-mail campaign which will make your customers wait for your next mail to see more information

These campaigns have proved three times more progress than traditional campaigns


5- Neuro-Marketing

Marketing is based on studying and analyzing the human, psychological and nervous behavior of your target audience

Emotions such as love and safety, pain are the primary drivers of public buying and decision-making processes for your audiences

So, the most important roles that you must play is studying the way your customers think and find a way to locate your audience and contact them emotionally, modify their pain and educate them to know, like, and trust your brand or services.


6- Reviews, References and Referrals Are Indirect advertisement for you

This involves constantly influencing, motivating, and partnering with clients to encourage them to speak out and be supporters of your company.

 An entirely different set of metrics, such as referrals, new ratings, number of advocate clients, and number of referrals, comes together with this.


7- Personalization Makes Your Customers Able to Like and Interact with Your Brand.

Specialization is the key of your marketing campaign success, people tends to the message which directly touches them and tends to interact with it rather than the promotional e-mails which is unrelated to them which can easily delete or marked as spam

Studies have proven that personalized emails based on behavior are 3 times better than batched emails.

Personalization can be happened by including your customer`s name and workplace, the website they've been on recently, things they like or recently did.

 It also can be done by the aid of the artificial intelligence


8. Mobile optimization

Mobile optimization for e-mails is Equally important website design

In recent years, users have increased their use of e-mails from mobile phones with an exceeding rate of fifty percent.

So since 80 percent of the users' uses and interactions are now on the mobile phone, it has become very important to focus on preparing the phone to receive the email in a manner that helps your audience to read and interact with the content provided through your marketing email campaign.

Finally, we wish you a successful year, also If you encounter any difficulty while implementing your email marketing campaign can ask for the help of a specialist in the field of e-mail marketing from SteepX to help you and direct you with more techniques.

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