In 2021 What are the Most 10 Unique Branding Ideas that you have to Keep up


Changing and updating are from the life rules but in marketer’s life it’s an essential and modified lessons that can help you to understand more your customers’ needs and help you to get closer to them and as 2020 changed everything we have to be more flexible to Keep up with evolution

In this article, we will share with you some of the effective branding ideas that you will notice in 2021 year.

1- Social Commerce or Shopping Posts  

Social Media has become an integral part of people’s life so it was not excluded to be a part of the purchasing process and time after time it became an of confidence process.

Especially after Covid-19 in 2020 it was the safest way at some times and more low cost than offline commerce.

One of the most famous platforms that facilitated this process is we find Facebook and Instagram.


2- Content Marketing

Content will still the king and this can be happened by adding a value for your customers that make them benefit so they will always stick to your website or page .

The best way will serve you to achieve this is the Interactive Content which is the mix between the educational or consulting content and the entertaining one like quizzes, games, polls, interactive videos as well as contests which helps your brand in a widely spread 

In which all of this will return back with a benefit for you…

As it helps to know precisely what their criteria and what your buyer persona is by collecting data because the Interactive Content will not only promote your engagement but also improves your user’s enjoyment.

3- Social Media Stories

Fear of Missing Out is an important element which constitutes the motives of the audience that’s why Snapchat’s popularity raised up because it makes from the disappearing a value!

Which makes customers very keen on watching every single update you publish and can`t miss special opportunities or information.

So Short-Lived Content / Stories will be from 2021 effective trends


4- Video Marketing

Statistics mentioned that videos play an important role in customer’s engagement as it is an effective way to show off new and existing products especially it mostly don`t need too much time to be done and also no much cost

Also we will find that FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) plays an important role in video marketing especially in the Live streams and live Video`s as we can find customers watching videos three times longer than standard video out of FOMO

With a quick look for your Facebook or Instagram as example, it will be obvious for you that video marketing is an essential 

- It gives customers more persuasion and more credibility

- and it could be a good helper for you to get rich content including offering educational or consultant content through videos, besides entertaining content or others.

5- Influencer Marketing

In the past, advertising companies used to resort to some celebrities to attract the trust of their target audience about a specific product,

Nowadays we will find that the matter has reached digitalization as is the case with all other things in our life but in the image of an influencer in a more organized,

specific and thoughtful way, as is the nature of the case in everything is digital, we will find that everything is more specific and easy to be measured

so you can reach a specific target audience (class A / C / B ) ( Female audience ) (Mothers) (Teens)

and you will find that your audience is able to trust an influencer's opinion on a product or service more than what the brand has to say about it.

Influencer's credibility is high,,, their Call To Action is more audible and easy to be implemented more closely and fast.

So all it would takes is to find the right influencer, those people established their beginning by themselves and their own power and your audience is already engaging with them and building very close and deep relation with them

6- Authenticity 

Authenticity help your customer in their purchasing decision 

companies have to be their selves in their brand to be convinced and the first choice

If you share part of your industrial process or how could your customers distinguish your brand from others this will help you in building trust and closer with your audience and your customer's support.


7- Online Reviews

 It is a double-edged sword as it has the ability to attract new customers or clients or No

As we all know that customers are able to trust others experience even they don`t know each other but they tend to the majority in any direction.


8- Voice Search

As an agreed rule when you have to be a good marketer this means that you have to put yourself in customer`s shoes so this can help you know or guess how he will could think.

Voice search now is one of the search tools in google search however it is not a part of Google’s algorithm!

and also they used to use the digital voice that can assistant you in asking questions and get answers like Siri, Alexa, and Cortana and of course it is completely different from the way you manage your SEO or the keywords of google search in your ads and this means that in the future you have to adapt your keywords in the way that suits the way people ask or search on google with.

8- Customer Service Chabot’s/ messaging apps

Nowadays customers use social media messenger channels to communicate with the companies and to serve this goal artificial intelligence invent software that can help you to communicate with users 

Those software or robots not only can help in replying to questions normally such as humans but also it always enhances its performance by gaining more data insights over a period of time, learn more about the users and provide a service that continues to improve.

So most customer service departments will use Chatbots abundantly in 2021.

9- Embrace expressionist brand colors

In 2021 you don`t have to stick only to your brand colors but you have to expand your brand color palette in order to include a variety of expressive colors.

10 - Google Verified Listings for Local SEO

Google will help you to verify your businesses to be trustworthy and reputable than unverified competitors.

With Google Verified Listings for Local SEO with Google My Business listing which provides valuable information with your geographical location which helps in showing up for “near me” searches

it also helps customers to learn more about your business and lets your potential customer to see your 

  1.  open hours. 

  2. address. 

  3. star rating left by other users.

Also to make sure that your information displayed is correct verify your Google business listing and keep the information up to date. 


A New year means a new hope and a new start.

SteepX wish all of you success and progress in 2021

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