How to shift your offline business to online- O2O?

The only stable concept in business world is that it's constantly changing. Nothing ever remains as it is. Hence, you need to develop and find ways to cope with surrounding changes. 

Due to COVID-19 pandemic and its economic effects, you may find your business need to implement the O2O strategy.

What's O2O strategy?

O2O can either stand for online-to-offline or offline-to-online. During these circumstances, O2O strategy here is about bringing physical store customers to your online stores by shifting from offline to online presence.


How to shift your offline business to online- O2O?

Such a process needs a marketing strategy that incorporates techniques used in online marketing to achieve desired goals. You can draw number of steps and pursue them as the following:


Conduct a deep marketing research

Apparently, you already have customers in your offline business, and some of these may transfer to online customers. But you’ll need to learn about different marketing techniques on the internet as well. A detailed marketing research would help to effectively understand the needs and demands of your customers about your business.


Create a website

Get your business a domain, choose your business name and launch your website. Make it clear and easy to navigate. Think of your expectations of selling and how you're going to achieve profits according to a marketing strategy.

If you already have a website, then you should think how to make use of it efficiently. Have a look at an example on Jumia's birthday. On Jumia's birthday it offered a mega sale on various products online which drove a large number of customers. Jumia has presented one of the best ways to maximize sales and at the same time keep customers' loyalty.


Using mobile applications

Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, mobile apps have shown great benefits, where customers' needs are satisfied safely, even the payment is via app. Online educational apps are highly demanded. Also apps used for online meetings are being downloaded such as: Zoom and Microsoft Teams as they're easy to use and can gather a large number of people at the same time


Keep dealing with influencers

Consider partnering with influencers to spread the word about your business. Customers usually need to hear referrals about your product or service. But don’t rush into very famous ones, you can deal with low influencers who are more likely tend to be credible and have a real influence on their followers' purchasing decisions.


Use e-mail marketing

Send emails to your existing customers and those on your email list. Keep it informational and you can include a promotion to grab the attention.


Be present on social media platforms

You can never ever neglect social media influence as it's the trigger where you can always start a business campaign and guarantee survival. Avoid the random presence on platforms.

Find a strategy and build your community, engage with your audience and maximize them only on the suitable effective platforms for your business. 

One of the prominent social media platforms currently is TikTok. It has been attracting many users especially since the quarantine started; according to the statistics, in March 2020, TikTok was downloaded more than 115 million times worldwide.

McDonald’s used TikTok perfectly through "3ayez Batates” campaign partnering with social media influencer "Khaled Mokhtar"

They nailed it online by promoting the most loved product "fries" on the most used social media platform currently.

Finally, everyone will be online sooner or later. While shifting gradually from offline to online, bear in mind positive customer experiences are critical to generate loyalty and repeat purchases.

Keep tracking your customers' feedback and always work on solving problems and handling their online complains.

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