How to get the biggest beneficiary for your business from corona-virus crisis?

With millions of people being forced to stay home to help stop the spread of COVID-19, many have found creative ways to expand during that situation. Those business who survived managed to get the biggest beneficiary of the crisis.

Here are 3 examples for business that got the biggest beneficiary from coronavirus crisis:

Social distancing precaution has imposed new way to deal and communicate with each other. Zoom mobile application is the winner during this quarantine at getting people to each other. You may wonder why Skype isn’t used although it has the same features and has more privacy rules.

But Skype's limited number of participants makes it best suited to small businesses and teams. Zoom is the clear choice for enterprise-size companies, online lectures, online outings and nights and birthday parties. Thanks to its high-participant support that made it the most used application during coronavirus crisis.

Zoom is more appealing to users as they find what they're really interested in.

Another example that used COVID-19 outrage in its favor is "Otlob".

Otlob implemented an integrated marketing plan through maintaining high quality service to their clients and keeping their staff safe.

They launched a campaign called "khaleek fel Aman maa' Otlob" or "stay safe with Otlob" followed by a number of posts to raise awareness of their clients giving them helpful tips to protect themselves. They also, created a video showing the precautions and measures they took to protect their clients.

Above all of this, launched an initiative to employ trained delivery workers who have lost their jobs due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

Another successful example is "Jumia Egypt"

Jumia announced its partnership with Reckitt Benckiser Company aiming to provide the consumers with soup, hand gel and sanitizers online with good price. On the other side, Jumia supports the campaign "support the white army" launched by "Al-youm Al-sabeaa" by providing doctors and nurses in 25 hospitals with purchasing Vouchers.

This is how such businesses make use from the crisis focusing on e-marketing techniques. They could get the best from the worst. Now, it is your turn!

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