How to choose the best platforms for a successful content plan?

As the Quotes sais

“These days, people want to learn before they buy, be educated instead of pitched”,

“Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.

Content helps you in Implementation of your marketing strategy, building trusted relationships with your customers, show your unique selling points, the features of your product, educate your customers, and more.


Identifying your customer persona is your indicator to implement your content plan
it extremely differs if you are talking to kid’s women’s, grandpa, men’s, doctors, Athletes, students

each has a way to talk to him, tone of voice, and a content type can reach him easier than another and a type of content which can make them interact than another.

But first, did you know all the kinds of content? In This article we will help you to know


What are Kinds of Content Marketing?

There is more than 20 type of content you can use to get a riche social platforms that can help your audience and make you at the top of your competitors, but we will let you know the most important 9 of them:


1- Posts / Articles / Blogs:

- The Posts which make you talk about your product advantages or educate your audience in a serial manner but you will be Doomed with a number of characters in each post according to the social channel you are talking from.

- You will find from the Article types like soft articles which are limited by 4 lines or heavy articles which ranges from 5 to 10 paragraphs, this type of article can help you elaborate more about a specific topic in detail.


Blogs is an online journal or informational website which lets the audience know the latest news from and it is like the participation of a number of writers or one writer so they share their individual opinions.

•  LinkedIn and Facebook are good platforms that can help you in this type of content, Twitter is a secondary option if your post was with limited characters or if you used a shortened link that converts with your website.


2- Images

Images talks easier than writing and can bring your idea closer to the viewer, attract attention, attract your customers, stops quick swipe-ups.


3- Video`s / Video Stories / Live Video`s

If the images and articles can reach your customers in an easy way, Videos can reach them easier and easier as it can help you more in introducing your product and let your customers know you closer and build strong relationships with your customers.


As well as Video Stories which make your audience trust that you are always have something new to introduce, video stories make them eager to watch and follow you

because they know that even you will entertain them, educate, give them something that can help them (like offers, behind-the-scenes of your business, updated about events and more)

With Live Video`s you can bring your audience as an online guest to your event and Facebook is the most appropriate platform that can help you to post and share live videos.


4- Infographics

In this type of content, you can use the images to insert to your audience's minds heavy and healthy content in a simple way, with infographics you can use visuals to support explanations, statistics, or others.

•     You can post infographics on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


5- Holidays/ National & International Days

Holidays are a good content guide for a marketer, it is a good material which can be used to make good contact with his audience and you can use them in a trendy way


6- Contests.

People love this type of content, they like to win and this brings back an engagement for you.


7- Gamification

When you share your audience a game it would get back to you with more engagement, but remember to choose a game to be closer to your product or industry,


8- Electronic books (eBooks)

With E-Books you can help your potential customers with more detailed info more than what you use to in articles


9- Webinars

Simply it’s an online meeting that you can make with your audience to talk with them about specific topics that can help them.


Now we offered you the most important types of content marketing that you can use to reach your audience in an effective way, follow us and our next articles to know more about good content and content types

and remember that your mission is more than writing a post you have to know well who is your target audience in order to know What to offer them and How to talk to them, What concerns them more and How to attract them to your social platforms or website.

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