How patients find quality doctors and on what basis they choose you?

Internet has tremendously changed the whole health care industry. Doctors who were just sitting in their clinics waiting for their patients to find them can now reach their patients. Physicians in different fields can now target their patients and be their first choice.

But to do this professionally you need to track your patients' steps by getting close to their behavior while they look for you.


In this article you'll know the steps patients go through before reaching you at the clinic. How your patients find you and on what basis they choose you. This is where you start building your name to market it.


Before the internet, word of mouth (WOM) was the main way patients find their doctor. In the past, the patient's search for a doctor was limited to asking a relative or a friend about his experience with a particular doctor. Then they make their choice according to the highest rate of recommendation.


How do your patients find you?

Now the same way of search still exists but widely developed with greater opportunity for the patients to make decisions. Recent studies show that consumers researching doctors use search engines. In most major healthcare fields, over 60% of consumers run a search before choosing a physician or scheduling an appointment. Google receives more than 80% of patients' online search.

The process of searching has evolved to the extent of looking for symptoms of the disease, looking for diagnosis and ways of treatment.

At this point patients tend to look for doctors who have strong online presence.


On what basis do patients choose you?

After patients find you online they need a proof that your clinic is highly recommended, so they start searching for reviews. So you need to be present in professional way with good reviews on search engines.

Here you are quick tips to guarantee online positive presence:

Following these steps helps make you the first to come to mind when looking for a doctor.

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