How digital tools have a mature role for some businesses during corona-virus crisis?

In a world full of hyper-speed, dramatic scale-ups and fast rising situations, businesses face a lot of changes continuously and struggle to find stability.


The spread of pandemic coronavirus all around the world has threatened the world wide connection and has affected start-ups, small businesses and also the biggest corporations. Some had to hold the work till finding a strategy to come back, some are surviving day by day without having a clear vision of what comes next and others are trying to manage the crisis and overcome such an economic threat.


Once again digital tools prove efficiency in such situations, specifically the social platforms that offer critical infrastructure and personal benefits, as social media becomes an irreplaceable tool for easing our isolation and connecting in new ways.


It all depends on choosing the right type of content, as content marketing is in this respect a particularly suitable technique for the brand to contact its customers by focusing on the strengths of its offer on its business specialization.

Let's have a look at how digital tools have a mature role for some businesses during coronavirus crisis.



During the outbreak, with social distancing limiting physical world interactions, some businesses such as fitness centers, gyms, cosmetics and beauty salons have pivoted completely to only social service with some interesting results.


For example, they turned to Instagram and started offering live guided tutorials regarding fitness, healthy food, daily work outs or exercises, skin care tips. They're making use of the Instagram channel through rapid posting on the account or to the stories.


Here comes a very effective role for the bloggers of social media, as they can be used to promote brands, while sitting at their homes reaching a vast number of audience.


Cafes and restaurants offered delicious recipes and tutorial cooking videos, while maintaining the delivery services according to the medical precautions and under the restrictions of each country.


Health care industry is seeing a lot of demand, as people are afraid of direct visits to hospitals or clinics. This will cause a rise in the number of patients asking for online consultations for minor issues, which means that medical businesses should have strong online presence.



On the other side digital tools is helping government agencies, hospitals, and health care organizations coordinate fast responses, speedy citizen engagement, spreading awareness and presenting day by day statistics. These actions make people connected and updated with daily changes.


Who would ever imagine to see an online meeting for the Egyptian Council of Ministers? But here we are to find new ways to keep the communication going on and take a break from old processes. 


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