How could Creative Designs Be Effective for Your Business?

Did you think before why the visuals with this importance?

Which do you prefer more! to listen to a movie or watch a movie? to hear about evidence or see it?

That’s why the image`s has a massive importance,

It is always said always say that image is equal to 1000 word and from this we found that we have to give more attention to the designs and images

Visuals and images help you to contact deeply with your audience so the more your designs were marked with creativity the more your brand get closer to audience minds

Designs tell the world how to see you. It's a good translator for your business quality, your way, your destination, for all your circumstances.

It's a main column in building your branding process and it’s the only thing that will tell the audience by your existence

Quote …
"Design creates culture, culture shapes values, Values determine the future."
  Robert L. Peters


If you still didn't know how could designs help you to improve your industry, please continue reading the next lines

How could designs help you?

The Importance of designs starts from scratch it is not just adding elements to an image but it starts from creating your logo, your mobile app preference, your website, or others.

Design is a science and a plan to make something.
So if we started by talking about


Logos structure & colors

We will find that the mega brand's logos colors and fonts did not come by accident or coincidence as brands colors has a psychology in science and brands use specific colors to reflect some specific emotions which will be reflected by a specific actions and behaviors by their customers

That's why we found some of food brands use the yellow or orange colors, female brands use the violent and roses colors, male brands use the black or dark colors

So as statistics mentioned that 33% of world top brands use the blue colors in their logos

29% use red colors, 28% use black or grayscale colors, 13% use yellow or gold

And about the number of colors that have been used in the logos, we will find that 95% of the world's top brands use 2 colors in their brands, and in contrast, we will find that 41% of the world top brands use text only, about 5% use more than 2 colors and about 9% don`t feature the company name at all.

Regarding the colors that mostly has been used by the top brands we will find the (Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange and Black)

Talking in design science about is not limited only about colors but also it’s about a principle in the design`s Structure must be put in consideration like

- Focal Points and design composition

- Eye visual Hierarchy

- Design Balance

- Brand Color

- Design Movement

- White Space in design

- Design symmetry in Pattern and Structure

- Type Styling & fonts


Now let us tell you how could a creative design help your business


- Keeping your brand identity in customer's mind

As we mentioned above in your first steps while establishing and creating your brand identity you have to keep the principles of creating your logo and logo colors in mind as per your industry after that the designs will help you in focusing on your color schemes, your own font and use your designs to deliver a specific message or emotions for your customers.


- Increase your opportunity`s to be shown

Designs help you in your battles between your competitors, it is your best choice to be witnessed on the scene but remembers that this should be done with a creative design that appeals to your identity and your industry and not to use what just catches the eye only.


- Raising your Conversion`s and ROI

When you use designs related to your industry it helps the customers in making their decisions, also studies found that people appeal to engage more when they see images and then your conversions will increase and therefore your sales.


- Social Media

Designs plays a big role in helping you in your social presence where digital marketing has become an indispensable factor in marketing for companies and brands also in following new trends


- Deliver your values in a visual way

Of course, you have some ethics you need to deliver with your designs for your customers but short and sweet is better and the best way to make it direct, quick, simple, easy to be noticed, is to deliver your values in a visual way by a design.


- Build relationships with your audience

If your creative designs were able to make the target audience unite with the characters inside, this will be a great success for you and your brand.


- Motivate your audience to take an action

Creative designs would without fail will drive your audience to take your call to action.

Now you have learned about the strength and importance of designing for your business and its imperative to use it professionally to help you reach your goals in the best way so we remind you that you should not rush and take your time while designing & make your designs fit with your target business and target audience.


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