Do you Think Mobile Applications Impact on People is Generated by Habits Building?

Do you Think Mobile Applications Impact on People is Generated by Habits Building?

Imagine a life while you are employing a servant that aids you all the time every single day 24/7! what do you need to be helped in? social life, learning something new, make yoga or meditation, listen to music, read some books, make an online order, reserve a cab, secure your phone, check your bank account, reveal your stress and anxiety?!


About millions of mobile applications has been invented every day that you can use to facilitate your life and other people`s life and this may become another name for the mobile applications to be called simply an “easy life “


Did you think before how could mobile apps in our smartphones obsesses over our life and daily habits?

Join us in an individual journey to see how many times could you use mobile applications every single day: -

 Starting from your early morning day when you wake up to check your phone using those social media mobile apps, opening a sports application to get the morning fitness for your body passing by opening the transportation application to reserve your cab,

on your road you may listen for some music in your music application, or open business applications to complete a definite task in your work, then you may open an application to order your breakfast or lunch meal,

on your way back you may open your mobile phone to check your destination on map and then your night ends by opening a meditation app or an application that helps you to plunge into a long sleep.

That simply describes how the mobile applications surrounds your life and help you in all aspects of your life, they are a huge technological development and indispensable in our daily life that became as a daily routine

But, have you ever think about the secret that makes you use these applications in a frequent way that forms your habits, and how could these habits have been formed?

We all know that the habit is a behavior that you repeat in a regular way without much thinking, studies has mentioned that habits can be hooked by a process consists of 4 phases that can draw the customer's mind which can be called by Trigger/ Action / Reward / Investment


Trigger: it is the first spark, what makes the customers feel something that drives them to take an action like searching google or opening Facebook.

Studies mentioned that people how suffer from depression always used to check their Email.

- Loneliness makes people use Facebook.

- If people are hesitated or unsure they used to use Google.

- If they were bored they used to check YouTube or Pinterest or news.


Action: It boils down to be the procedure that the user takes to obtain the product in order to get the reward it could be like registering or writing your email to log into a social media account, in this process the hocking has to be fast and easy as much as possible.


Reward: we can call the reward by the reason, it’s the users ultimate goal from proceeding into the second phase, also studies found that the variable rewards generate a noise of a dopamine that users can’t resist.

of course we can consider Facebook posts or pictures likes as a small reward because people always look for caring or to be loved or for social presence.


Investment: it is the last phase in creating the habits, it could be like time/ effort/ social capital/ data or money, so it means that your subscribers invest something of themselves either in emails, channel subscribes or other things

Investment is an important phase as it tricks the customers by trick of ownership, the more they make an effort to get the mission needed the more it will be valuable for them

As per studies done in 2020 explained that persons use their mobile phones for more than 3 hours per day moving between different applications,

also studies indicates that the number of users who use mobile apps has been increased by 15% through the 4 years between 2015 & 2019 and for the individual mobile apps usage per day… it has been increased by 25% for the same period of time.

 It also indicated that the behavior of users is variable, as some of them use popular applications less than unknown applications.

But the most important point is that if you are about to build your mobile application you have to keep in mind the four phases mentioned above in habits creation.

Finally, Mobile applications don`t require sort of training to deal with, rather it may compete websites in their importance so if you are looking forward to build your own mobile application, then you are on the right business track 

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