8 Digital marketing trends in 2020 that you can’t miss

The world took a totally different curve in 2020 as a result of the pandemic;
where the customer behavior drastically changed. Now all the marketers have to revamp their marketing techniques and approaches to stand out in the high market competition.

To stay ahead of the game, here are some digital marketing trends you should consider in your next marketing strategy:

1. Shoppable posts:

For a better shopping experience, a new trend showed up; where you can use compelling images for visual commerce. Here, you can use lifestyle or story-telling

images with active purchase points to promote your product and attain actual conversions.

This technique allows you to easily convert your followers into active shoppers with minimal effort and in a more consumer-friendly approach.

2. Virtual and Augmented realities:

With Gen-Z taking over the scene, all brands should find marketing solutions that satisfy the tech-savvy persona.

While both AR and VR are still vague approaches to the marketing community, they both provide a special experience that can boost your online conversions.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes, and imagine you’re buying a new outfit online; don’t you want to make - sure this outfit suits you before buying? Does the cut match your style?
- Is this the shirt’s real color or it’s going to be different when you wear it?

Well, you can save your customers’ time and headshot all their second thoughts by simply integrating an AR feature to your App/website. VOILA!

3. Content marketing:

Let’s state it clearly here: Your online presence will lay back if you don’t have a content marketing strategy.

With the intense marketing competition, and the obstacles you might find to convince the mass with your brand; content marketing is your life jacket.

Simply, content marketing is about planning, objectifying, creating, and distributing your content.

This tactic lets you provide the audience with useful content about your brand, raises awareness, and shows them what problems it solves that in-terms will affect their lives.

Your harvest from applying this tactic will leave you amazed; it will enhance your brand positioning, improves your chances to engages with your buyer’s persona, and drive more conversions.

It has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

4. Interactive content:

Silence can be awkward sometimes, right?
Well, take the interactive content as the silence breaker for your digital presence.

Long story short, as an inbound marketer, the best way to convert visitors into leads is by investing in interactive content. What could go wrong here -and most of the marketers fall into that failure- is creating interactive content that pours far away from your products’/services’ pillar points.

For example:

If you run a coffee shop, don’t interact with people and ask them if they prefer summer or winter, it’s basically useless and flies away from the flock.

Instead, you can create engaging Instagram polls and start a coffee battle between different coffee flavors you offer.

By following this technique:

- You started creating a community for your brand.
- You attained a brand recall by continuously reminding them what you offer in a delightful way.
- You promoted your products and might have converted sales without having to go through the dull CTA format.

5. Personalization:

What could make you feel more valued than something that’s made especially for you?

Personalization delivers the feeling that someone spent effort and time tailoring something for you.

Creating personalized content for a specific target audience is known to be way powerful than generalized content;

it delivers specific messages to a group of people that occupies the same buyer’s persona. When people see their reflection in your content, this will strongly grab their attention, and will more likely increase their engagement with your brand.

To create a compelling personalized content, here’re some tips you might need:

● Do market research: This will let you gather the needed information to understand whom you’re targeting ( Never improvise or intuit).
● Be objective-driven: Don’t personalize pieces of content aimlessly, always follow the golden circle role (Answer: Why, how, and what).
● Quit being repetitive: People are exposed to various pieces of content every day, and even if your content is personalized it needs to stand out in the middle of the crowd, and take different forms each time.

6. Video content:

It’s 2020, if you haven’t realized yet the importance of video content, here are some facts that might make it your number one to-go content-type:

According to HubSpot:

● Instagram video posts receive more than 2x more comments than other types of posts.
● Instagram Video posts received on average the highest number of likes.
● Branded video is nearly 3X more popular than branded blogs or ebooks.
● Usage and spend on video marketing are likely to keep increasing in 2020.
● 88% of video marketers reported that video gives them a positive ROI So briefly, creating video content is no more a matter of choice, it became a necessity and a customer demand, and integrating it in your social media marketing plan will be a plus.

7. Google ads smart bidding:

If you’re familiar with Google ads, most probably you came across this term. Smart bidding is simply Google acting as your ads guide. Using machine learning; Google automatically optimizes conversions or conversion values in real-time auctions.

It can predict the likelihood of a conversion and then create a strategy to make cumulative improvements over time.

At some point, it’s better if you trust the machine!

8. SERP position zero:

Opposite to what you’d think, position zero is for heroes! If you have ever stumbled by SEO to higher up your ranking, you possibly know how legendary position zero is.

P0 refers to the first search result in Google. But why do marketers fight over this position in such a deadly way?

Acquiring position zero boosts traffic and sales, and is effective for your brand image.

When your business provides the definitive answer to a question, that’s a powerful statement about your brand.
So, always but in mind that a strong SEO strategy is a gateway to heaven.

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