7 Steps Can Help You to Create an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

First of all, let us illustrate the importance of building your Digital Marketing Strategy:

Digital Marketing Strategies is an essential tool for your business growth which will makes you identify what will make your business unique and how to approach your goals, and know how to reach your targeted audience

Since the digital world lets and enables you to get definite numbers and detailed analysis compared with the traditional marketing in the before times.

So sitting your Digital strategy is your guide to set your mind, way and to know where you are standing in and where you will go and if you are going well or not.

and the first thing to do is to divide your Digital Marketing Strategy for quarters so this can help you in achieving your goals in a best way also Modify and enhancing your level continuously.

Steps of building your Digital Marketing Strategy:


1- Know your destination (Set your Goal)

As a quote sais "True success is all about working towards meaningful goals" Before establishing you have to set your goals is from this plan, why did you working on to accomplish with this plan and what your needs from it ...

Brand recognition, Increase company’s sales, Generate leads, or email subscriptions?

So you have to pay attention setting your goals to be SMART goals

Which means that you have to be definite as much as you can in putting your goals to be small, divided and achievable and timely controlled on the following approach:

S: Stands for Specific as your goal should be specified and clear.

M: Stands for Measurement so your goals must be set in a way that you can measure that either if your goals can be achieved by a definite time or no.

A : Stands for Achievable so that either your plan and goals can be achieved or no.

R : Stands for Realistic so you have to identify if your goals or plan aligns  with relevant goals and Is in the right time and applicable or not

T : Stand for Time Control while creating your goals you have to put time in your consideration and those goals has to have a time to be finished in.

So Without identifying a goals with a specific features means it is not a plan it is just a hope!


2- Know your audience (Buyer Persona)

It will be the most important and effective part in your digital plan as you will complete your plan based on this point
So to know

Who are your targeted audience?

What their ages range are?

What are their Gender?

What do they interest in?

Where is their location?

What is their job title?,,,,               

Is a must

Simply It is what makes you know which platforms you will find them on? And how to talk to them? And know what their needs are, what motivates them the most and make them take an action? what came in the top of their priorities?

As we mentioned in the previous point you have to be specific as much as you can


3- Know your Competitors

Competitors seems like a gift in some points and situations

- Starting from what your competitors have ends will make you jump many steps in one step.

- Knowing what the problems he had faced in your industry and how did he overcome this.

- What his weakness points VS your strengths points and how could you avoid his faults

Your competitors are your beginning key always keep an eye on them


4- Evaluate your current strategy and digital presence

Work on evaluating the efficiency of your current digital presence and repair what failed before to make you achieve your goals or redirect it again to make it work in the new plan and show improvement


5- Choose your Channels

Know where to find your detailed targeted audience either it will be in Google AdWords, paid advertising, blogs, social media accounts, email marketing and choose which one you would like to invest in according to your customer’s presence the most in and direct go Immediately towards it.

and remember that you will not find all your audience in the same place so If you looking to market for a business to business company you should not use the same channels you are using to find audience for a business to consumer company.


6- Identify your budget

Make more than a test to identify what your budget is in every quarter and what you will spend and as a result what your earnings will be.


7- Analyze your results and track your progress

Always track your plan performance to know what needs to be edited and evaluate if your plan is on the track and whether you are achieving your goals or not.

and use tools that can help you in your mission like  Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Ads.

We hope this can help you to make you achieve your goals and always remember that SteepX team is always available to help you…

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