7 Mistakes Doctors Should Avoid While Promoting Their Medical Business

Establishing your new business is a very demanding step. It needs a deep research to the market you're
entering, your prospect customers and the strategy you're following for promoting this business.
One of the most challenging business fields is the healthcare field for physicians. Doctors face many
obstacles while establishing a private business.

A good technique to use is to take advantage and learn from other mistakes, so that you avoid them
ending up saving money, time and effort.

In this article, you'll learn about 7 mistakes many doctors made while promoting their businesses.

1- Neglecting market research:

It's the basis and beginning of any successful business because it enables you to choose the appropriate
market segment to publish your service and determine the needs of that segment of patients.

Also it's the best way to know the competitors and how to distinguish you among them, as well as identifying your
competitive advantage that sells your service best.

2- Targeting the wrong group of audience:

Sometimes doctors target a very broad segment of audience which is totally risky as you'll not reach all of
them and you can't guarantee customer loyalty. Choose segment where you can create long term relationship.

For example: most orthopedics make common mistake as they don't depend on a specific age group, while
they can rely primarily on the youth practicing sport.

It is possible that the doctor specializes in treating sports injuries or sportive and thus will ensure a wide
cross segment of patients continue to deal with him for a long time.

3- Following traditional marketing means only:

That doesn’t cancel the usage of the newspapers, TV ads, radio or printed materials. It's all about having a plan for using them and at the same time following the trendy means of marketing especially online marketing or connecting to public influencers.

4- Ignoring the role of internet on building customers base:

Building the relationship between you and your patients begins from the Internet, where studies have shown that more than 80% of patients at the present time are looking for a suitable doctor or symptoms of diseases that they feel on the Internet before going to the doctor.

Therefore it is necessary to create a professional website for your business to ensure that patients can reach you easily.

The Website also helps you project the successful cases that you have treated, and thus reflects the extent of your experience as a doctor for your target patient.

5- Lack of social media strategy:

Social media strategy will work wonder for your business only when it's supported by useful and contextual content that can keep your prospects engaged and serve their purpose of visiting your platforms.

Stay in your niche and have a strong existence only on the suitable platforms used by your audience, not all of them.

6- Dealing in a formal way with your patients:

Your patient appreciates that you are a doctor and respects you, but he/she also loves building a kind of interactive relationship with you, which increases his/her comfort.

So make sure to take care of your patients, and you can do this by following up them from time to time by phone or email because many patients have confirmed that they prefer to deal with doctors or medical centers that are keen to follow up continuously.

7- Overlooking patients feedback:

It's better to keep tracking your patients feedback either through direct interaction in the clinic or from answering their inquiries through social media or through surveys. This helps to improve the patient's experience and increase his loyalty to you as a doctor

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