5 easy to follow tips for newbie marketers

If you’re new to digital marketing, then you’re probably asking yourself “What makes a great marketer?”

Surprisingly, the answer won’t be creative ideas and buzzing campaigns. Being a marketer means you have a solid attention to details and that you know how to apply basic marketing concepts to your work, it means you have a strong basis to build upon.

In this article, we’ll be mentioning basic -but very crucial- tips that every marketer should be aware of.

So, here are 5 easy to follow tips for newbie marketers that seem pretty easy, but actually
are war horses:


1. Target your audience

As trivial as it sounds, but sometimes people miss it.
You should know who your clients are and what they need. Putting proper effort to this step will make the rest of your marketing plan very flowy and effective.

This will help you know how to best use your content and where to target them.
You will focus on what attracts them most, what tonality to use and how to develop your brand to continuously match their needs.

2. Create an identity

Take brand identity as your brand’s reflection. And starting from there you can start implementing your actual presence; if you’re targeting (A) class, then let your brand identity reflect that, if you’re offering a health brand, then deliver the feeling of wellness through your brand.

As Lois Geller once put it in an article for Forbes, “A brand is a promise”. So, you should know what you offer, what people need to feel, and then promise to fulfil all of this through your brand identity. Let your brand speak through the slogan, logo and everything related to the brand.


3. Provide useful content

Either you have a well establish brand, or starting your way up from scratch, you need to provide useful and informative content to your audience.

Blogs and articles are known to be a very effective way to deliver solid educating content
-Like the one you’re reading right now-.

In fact, a business with an active blog generates 126% more leads than small businesses without one. Also, case studies, videos and guest posts may help.

Bear in mind that rich content may help you sell, but it’s most important advantage is to create a community to establish a faithful relationship with the clients.

4. Don't copy ideas

Be yourself; don't fear from new or out of the box ideas. The ideas you are afraid of or you think your clients will not like or understand, those will be the most successful ones.
Don't watch others to copy instead, build up on what they reached or turn it all upside down..


5. Get yourself on social media

Focus on clarifying your brand and what distinguishes you only on suitable platforms.
Don't over exist randomly and follow a social media marketing strategy.

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