4 Important Digital Marketing Reports Your Business Needs From Marketing Agencies

Setting up your business strategy needs a follow-up to know where exactly do you stand, and if you're having online presence and quest profits, you should have a digital marketing strategy.

Accordingly, having a solid reporting system allows you to monitor your performance and make more confident decisions.

A digital marketing report is data collected to analyze the performance of specific campaign in order to communicate a company's goals, tactics and expected outcomes.

There are numerous digital marketing report types, depending on which data you need to monitor and analyze.

Find out about 4 important digital marketing reports your business needs from marketing agencies:

- Website insights report

Your website is a key component of your online presence as it's the foundation of all your digital marketing efforts.

You'll be able to track some metrics as:

Sessions: indicate the number of times the page has been landed on.

New sessions: indicate the percentage of sessions from brand-new users who have not been to your website before.

Average time on page: shows how long a visitor spends on that page, on average. It's also useful for determining whether your content is holding people’s attention or not.

Bounce rate: shows how often visitors navigate away from your website after visiting only that one page.

- Search queries report

Search query report allows you to see the searches people do. They contain detailed information about your used search terms and how they are performing.

You can use these organic results to identify new, potentially valuable terms.

This gets you closer to your audience intention, thoughts and interests.


- Social media campaign report:

It's essential to track social media metrics across all your social media platforms.

Benefits of this report range from being able to report on social media marketing efforts, tweak content strategy and increase brand awareness and sales.

According to your objectives you can measure the right key performance indicators (KPIs) to optimize social media campaigns.

These metrics include: clicks, share, shares, engagement rate, reach, impressions or conversions.

You can also get a comparison between your campaigns and get to know the reasons behind results.

KPIs can help demonstrate the value of your paid search campaigns or point to areas that need improvement.

If they’re off target, there can be several reasons: from too small of a budget, to bids that are too low, to poor quality ads.

They help indicate where you can put in further effort.


- Google Ads performance report:

If paid search ads are part of your strategy to reach more potential audience in addition to organic reach, then your monthly report should include a summary of both spending and key results.

Such a report let you know:
 Total amount spent on Google Ads over the month.

 The number of times that people clicked on your ads in the Google search results.

 Average Cost per Click (CPC) that provides the average amount paid for each visit.
It helps you determine if you are spending wisely.

 Search Impression Share (Search Impr. Share) shows the percentage that your ad displayed in search results.

If it's low, or moving down, your competitors are being displayed instead of you, and your team should review your paid campaigns to determine if there is a problem.

It may seem confusing to determine what data matters and how make use of it correctly and to dig through these vast quantities of ad performance data.

That's why good reports need to be comprehensive and clear enough to ensure that you recognize your position and be able to take your next step forward.

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